The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor is an American medical drama television series based on the 2013 award-winning South Korean series of the same name.

Dr. Shaun Murphy (played by Freddie Highmore) is a junior surgeon, who is on the autism spectrum and has savant syndrome. Shaun relocates from his quiet life in Wyoming to San Jose, in order to work at a prestigious hospital. However, he must face the prejudice and suspicion of his colleagues and higher-ups, being able to rely only on the help of Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff). Now, Shaun wades through a totally new environment, navigating professional and personal relationships while proving that he has a gift that can help others.

Personally, I couldn’t care much about the medical procedure that was shown in the series as I think it is a little exaggerated. However, I love the screenplay. This series never fails to make me cry.

One of my favourite scene: